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About me

My name is Julie and I consider myself a stylist for your hair & your spirit. Four years ago when I branched out and became an entrepreneur, I finally had the space to be myself in this industry and I quickly learned that the main reason people came to me was to cover themselves up. I made it my mission to help my clients find the realest version of themselves, even if they didn't know who that was yet. Since then, I've done a lot of growing and a lot of healing myself and further than wanting to help women uncover themselves, I've learned that my biggest passion is simply being a sacred space for my clients. I also spend my time  with things like herbalism, reiki and card reading and in the future I would love to have a business that incorporates all of the things I love so that getting your hair done can truly be a healing experience. 

A sacred space is not necessarily a location, (although it certainly can be) it's also a feeling. To me, it's a friend to talk to and a comforting and safe shoulder to lean on & I truly hope my studio and I can be that sacred space for you. I'll most likely be there with my hair up and no makeup on, and I'll most definitely ask you what your sign is and how your heart is doing. 

So come get your hair done and your spirit lifted, I'm looking forward to it!


xo, Julie


The memberships are still a fairly new project I launched a few years back and it really has been amazing for my clients! I created them to encourage my clients to come more because I was seeing the best results with clients who came in more frequently. 


The basic idea is this: coming to the salon consistently on a monthly basis allows you to get the most benefit for your hair. You avoid having to sit in the chair for long color corrections, you reach your ultimate goal faster & your hair pretty much always looks great. Not to mention, the added value allows you get services that most clients typically don't budget for like treatments & glosses. 

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