What is a Spirit Stylist?

Spirit Stylist is a phrase I made up because "hairstylist" only felt like one part (an amazing part) of what I wanted to accomplish. I needed something that could encompass all the things I wanted to do with my clients and with my business. & I love it because it motivates me everyday to try and live up to the title. My biggest hope is to be a safe space for my client to show up as they are as I do the same. 




- What Each Reading Looks Like - 

  • PDF format that you can refer to as many times as you'd like. (Refer to the sample for a better idea) 

  • The PDF will include images of the cards drawn, an overall theme, more detailed descriptions of the cards and some final thoughts.

  • The PDF is visually appealing and easy to read and you'll have it forever so you can go back and see how things have changed since you had your reading, especially if you've had multiple readings with me. 

- What to Expect from the Reading - 

  • Readings that I do are not predictive and I cannot give yes or no answers.

  • You most likely won't see traditional card meanings or spreads with my readings. I use the cards to help me access my own intuition when answering these questions for you and I can give a general sense of what you need to know about the situation.

  • These readings also help YOU to access your own intuition as you read my words you will find that you know exactly what you need to know already and you just didn't know it yet. 

- What Each Reading Will Entail - 

  • Each reading is crafted specifically for each person and question and no two will look alike.

  • Each order is one question/situation only. & if you're unsure, a general reading is always an option. 

  • If you'd like more than one question answered, you may purchase multiple readings and leave a note that you'd like all of your questions included in the same reading. 

  • You can also order readings with a video explanation and distance reiki for a full healing experience.